Walking Dead Season 2 Promo

Yeh, this is a little old as the season has started a long time ago (well the first half anyway), but I just found it so..smyeh.

I had a few thoughts while watching this which I’ll begin with my most prevalent thought after the video as I don’t want to spoiler the video.

1. If some creepy arse person comes into the auditorium making horrid noises and looking like it’s decaying, I am NOT going to be staying in my seat. These people all just look and start laughing and continue to watch the film! Come on! If this were real and they had no way of knowing right away if it was real or not, they’d all be dead. Good riddance you morons.

2. I bet that there was at least one jerk in that audience that went out into the lobby and complained to theatre staff that their movie was disrupted and they deserve their money back or free passes.

3. Okay, cool effect from the screen having that chick shoot it.

4. They should have had the zombie attack someone to make it a bit more realistic. If it were a real zombie, I don’t think it would have just wandered up and down the stairs.

5. That was a really awful movie trailer that they were playing.

Seeking A Friend At The End Of The World Movie Trailer


Not sure how I hadn’t heard about this movie opening┬áJune 22, 2012. It looks like a fun look at the “end of the world” with a mix of comedy and serious topics covered. I have this thought, however, that the trailer may be misleading us into thinking “haha funny!” while it will be “haha that was funny, but OMG I’m crying! You tricked us you evil movie director bastards!”

Starring Steve Carell and Keira Knightley. I like Steve Carell and not too fond of Keira Knightley. Hopefully she wont’ spell doom for the movie as I find her acting/voice/face aggravating. If it were the end of the world, I’d leave her behind to fend for herself. (okay that was a little harsh, she might be the sweetest person in the world..but that does NOT make me want to watch her in a movie)

Synopsis:┬áSet in a too-near future, a man searches for a meaningful connection as humanity’s last days are at hand. Can he find his greatest love at the worst possible time? As the respective journeys of Dodge and Penny converge, the two spark to each other and their outlooks – if not the world’s – brighten.